The excitement for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) hasn’t died down since the console’s release, especially as consumers fight to get their hands on one. Originally retailing for a hefty price tag, it seems that things are set to change as the PS5 prices are starting to drop.

According to a report by Trusted Reviews, UK BT Store is currently running a limited time deal that allows consumers to get their hands on the PS5 console for cheaper. At the time of writing, the PS5 console, which comes bundled with God of War Ragnarök, was selling for just £499.99. This deal was initially priced at £539.99, which means you get to save £40. The offer doesn’t require the consumers to buy additional games to qualify; it just comes as a bonus.

The deal comes with a sweet addition – you can also purchase the Cosmic Red DualSense controller for a lower price. If you choose to purchase it alongside the PS5, you get to save £25 with a controller price of £39.99 instead of the original £64.99 price tag. It’s a great deal because the DualSense controller is simply one of the best gamepads available, even if it’s not yet at a price level that would reasonably tempt an upgrade.

Despite the enticing discount, the reduction in PS5 prices has raised some concerns with consumers, leading to the question of whether Sony is looking towards releasing a PS5 Pro. Could this deal be a way to clear the PS5 stock to make way for the PS5 Pro?

It’s still all speculation and rumor at this point. But, with Sony’s recent announcement of their record-breaking PS5 sales that have skyrocketed Sony’s profits, it seems clear that anything may in fact be possible. We are definitely looking forward to what the future holds with Sony’s PS5 console!

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