It seems that Sony fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the PS5 Pro. Despite the fact that there is no official word from Sony on the release date or price of the new console, many people are already speculating on what it will offer. What is certain is that the PS5 Pro will be an upgrade on the current console. The main question is: how much of an upgrade will it be?

In keeping with Sony’s previous releases, we can probably expect the PS5 Pro to be more powerful than the current console. There are rumors citing hardware upgrades such as more powerful CPUs and GPUs, as well as advanced water cooling to help combat overheating and throttling. There are also rumors that suggest the PS5 Pro will be capable of 8K resolution and 120fps.

Unlike the previous release of the PS4 Pro, which focused on better handling of 4K gaming, the PS5 Pro may be geared towards ray-tracing and high resolution at the same time. This will be tricky, but if anyone can pull it off, it will be Sony.

Another possible change could be a new design. Some fans have speculated that the PS5 Pro could be a slimmer version of the current console, which is widely considered too cumbersome. A detachable disc driver is another possibility. Alternatively, Sony may release a separate PS5 Slim to cater to those looking for a smaller console.

Pricing is likely to increase, too, reflecting the additional cost of upgraded hardware and new features. The release of Sony’s new Dual Sense Edge controller already shows that the company is willing to charge a premium for improved hardware. A new console could cost as much as $699, compared with the current $499.

Despite rumors circulating that the PS5 Pro could be launched as early as July this year, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, some believe the launch may coincide with a new wave of PlayStation Studio games, featuring titles such as Death Stranding 2 and Spiderman 2.

The most important question for Sony fans is whether they should buy the current PS5 now or wait for the PS5 Pro. As always, that depends on how much you want to spend and how much of an improvement you’re willing to pay for. With only rumors to go on, it’s difficult to recommend waiting for the PS5 Pro. But for those willing to pay to get the most advanced gaming experience possible, the rewards could be significant.


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