Sony’s latest PlayStation console, the PS5, is finally outselling its predecessor, the PS4, in the United States. The PS5 had a challenging start, as it was launched in the middle of the global crisis in the semiconductor industry, resulting in multiple constraints to ensure stocks for the console. However, the brand gave afterlife support to the PS4, which made its stocks-keeping easier. In 2021, the PS5’s sales are on the rise because of the good pace of stocks and fewer games reaching the older platform.

As per Mat Piscatella of Circana, “The PlayStation 5 hardware unit sales have now overcome those of the PlayStation 4 on a time-aligned basis (29 months in Market).” Worth noting, that the PS5 numbers are nowhere near where the PS4 is now. The old-gen console launched in 2014 and already sold over 117.01 million units. With those numbers, the console figures as one of the best-selling consoles for Sony, easily surpassing its predecessor. At the same time, the PS5 has sold only about 34.47 million units.

The PS5 is the best-selling console for Sony, driving overall hardware sales for the month of March in the US, outpacing both the Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch. Accessories’ spending grew 1% in March compared to a year ago, to $239 million, with gamepads bringing the highest dollar sales of any accessory segment. The PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Edge Wireless Controller Black ranked as the month’s best-selling gamepad in dollar sales.

The PS5’s success comes amidst rumors about a new model with a removable disc driver that will replace both the Digital and Disc Editions, making the console production more manageable and improve stocks even further. Additionally, there are also rumors about a PS5 Pro in the planning and a new PlayStation Portable.

In conclusion, with the sales of PS5 rising, it seems the end of an era is here for the PS4, which continues to dwindle. Sony’s gaming division is optimistic about the future of the PS5 and the brand’s commitment to produce even more games.

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