If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you are probably aware of just how quickly games eat up space. Thankfully, a price drop in SSDs has presented itself to PlayStation 5 users. The process of upgrading is straightforward, as Sony has provided a tutorial on how to install an SSD. However, there are specificities to consider to ensure seamless integration with your PlayStation 5. Firstly, you’ll need an SSD with sequential read speeds of 5,500MB/s, and preferably pre-attached heatsinks to help aid heat dissipation.

While there are many SSD choices available on the market, the Netac NV7000 M.2 drive holds up well against competitors, particularly if you’re looking to keep costs low. At the time of writing, you can purchase the 1TB version for £70.39 from Amazon, coupled with a five per cent discount voucher that reduces the purchase price to £66.87. This price is less than the pre-order price of Final Fantasy XVI, which is a fantastic deal.

The Netac name might not be of familiar knowledge, but the Chinese flash storage firm has been making high-performance SSDs for over two decades. The 1TB NV7000 M.2 has sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,000MB/s and 6,700MB/s, respectively. Unlike its competitors, it includes both a DRAM cache and a heatsink designed, specifically with PS5 consoles in mind.

With Sony’s flagship console holding around 667GB of useful storage, a 1TB M.2 upgrade provides an increase in storage capacity of 2.5x. Alternatively, if you are looking for even more capacity, then Netac’s 2TB variant is also an option priced at £112.87 when using the current 15 per cent voucher code, it’s a good deal, and it is best to act quickly as these voucher codes come and go.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for more storage capacity for your PlayStation 5 at an affordable price, you should consider purchasing the Netac NV7000 M.2 SSD coupled with the current discount voucher. An expanded storage capacity will allow you to keep more gaming titles and not have to worry about making space for the latest game releases.

According to https://www.club386.com/this-1tb-ps5-compatible-ssd-hits-7000mb-s-and-now-costs-less-than-a-single-game/

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