The PlayStation 5 has become the latest must-have console since its launch, with gamers flocking to get their hands on it. But what else can you do with it other than playing games? Pocket-lint has put together a guide to help, with the best tips and tricks they have found for PS5 users.

One of the first things you can do is to transfer files from your old console to the new one. To do this, you will need the latest system software on both consoles. You can set up the transfer by connecting your consoles through Wi-Fi or LAN cables. Then, head to your PS5’s Settings, tap on System, then System Software, and select Data Transfer. Select your old console, press and hold the power button on your PS4 until you hear a beep and choose all the content you wish to transfer.

Another important tip is how to insert a disc into the PS5 console. To do this, you need to face the top of the Blu-ray or game leftwards and towards the meat of the console itself. If you have your PS5 laid horizontally, the disc inserts the right way around in the disc slot at the bottom of the console.

Additionally, the PS5 lets you create global settings to choose defaults on new games. You can choose your default settings under Settings, then Save Data, and hit Game/App Settings. Under the Game Presets section, you can choose the default settings you want to use.

The PS5 also has its own Media Remote, which can be paired with the console easily. To do this, head to “Settings”, then “Accessories”, scroll down to “Media Remote” and tap on “Set up Media Remote”. A wizard will guide you through the pairing process.

Ensuring that you are playing the PS5 version of games is essential. You’ll now see a logo next to the game on your home screen to let you know which version it is. If you’ve accidentally got the PS4 version installed, you can just go to your library and download the PS5 option instead.

Another great feature is the ability to list just PS5 games in your library by filtering the list. Head to the Game Library icon in the top bar on the home screen and click on the filter button on the left-hand side. Select Platform, then tick PS5, and your library will now just show PS5 games.

Lastly, the PS5’s storage can be expanded by adding an additional internal SSD. Sony has also provided a list of the best internal PS5 SSD options for additional storage.

In conclusion, the PS5 is more than just a gaming console and these tips and tricks show that there is a lot more you can do with it.

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