The upcoming PSVR2 projectiles-based sports game Nock has finally set its release date for 25th May. Unlike supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars in Rocket League, Nock players will use a bow and arrow to, well, knock the ball into the goal. With its great techno-style aesthetic and full 90 frames-per-second support on PSVR2, Nock is already a hit, as evidenced by a trailer that rocked the internet during the announcement.

What’s exciting about Nock is that it won’t just be a game with competitive features. Thanks to full support for PSVR2, including haptic feedback and a spectator camera, it’s the perfect game to play with friends while they cheer you on from a different perspective using the television screen.

Moreover, Nock has given an added incentive that makes it all the more exciting. Everyone who purchases the game on PS5 will receive a free Season Pass unlocking an additional 30 skins, bows, and cosmetics. While Nock features full crossplay support for all virtual reality headsets out there, it is an added incentive for PlayStation purchasers.

If you are a PS5 owner or planning to purchase one, Nock should definitely be on your must-buy list. Don’t miss out on this exciting game that is sure to be a hit among sports and arcade gamers alike.


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