Welcome to Revenant Hill: a world where you can rise as Twigs the cat and become a witch’s familiar. The game is set in 1919, a time when Twigs’ barn burned down, forcing him to start living in an abandoned graveyard. Twigs has to find a way to earn a living after being threatened with rent demanded by an owl that lives on the next hill.

In Revenant Hill, you can grow crops that can be exchanged for money in the secret market or used for personal purposes. You can also put down roots, watch the seasons pass, make friends with neighbors who become family, and even make enemies. You will need to figure out what the ghosts want, host parties for witches, demons, and other unnamed creatures, and try to make your way up the ladder to become a licensed familiar.

This is not an easy task; times are hard, and the world is going through violent changes. However, the game has a community-building aspect, and players can build a community by accident. They can also square dance with possums, eat mice, and learn to jot down hexes and charms in their journals.

Players will explore a big, strange, and complicated world and meet whatever animates the world. The Glory Society, a small team of seasoned and fresh game developers, is the team behind the development of Revenant Hill. They aim to build an egalitarian workplace, and as such, co-own the company and collaborate on projects.

Their art team includes Seyoung Jang and John Wilinski, while their engineers are Technical Director Ali Aya and Producer/Gameplay Engineer Kas Ghobadi. The game is currently under development for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Revenant Hill is a must-play game with a twist of community-building and a touch of adventure. If you love games that test your creativity and the limits of your imagination, this game is the perfect place to go. Join the Revenant Hill community and rise together as Twigs the cat.

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