Sony is rumoured to be working on a new portable gaming device called the Q Lite, which could be a potential successor to the PS Vita and PSP. According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, the device might just be a PS Remote Play accessory rather than a full-fledged gaming device as Sony has been promoting the feature. However, fans are hoping for Sony to compete with the likes of the Steam Deck, Aya Neo, ONEXPlayer, and the ROG Ally, so it remains to be seen what the Q Lite could bring to the table.

Not much is known about the Q Lite, but there’s a possibility that it could be released near the end of 2023 along with more PS5 accessories like wireless earphones and headset projects. While rumors suggest that the Q Lite could be just a PS5 accessory, there’s also a chance that Sony could be creating a handheld PS5, similar to Valve’s Steam Deck. But given Sony’s approach of focusing on a single platform and expanding on it, it’s more likely that the Q Lite is there to supplement the core-PS5 experience.

However, there’s more to the Q Lite, and it could be something entirely different. It has the potential to be Sony’s re-imagined portable PlayStation made for the cloud gaming market – a cloud-based handheld PlayStation. PlayStation already has a cloud streaming service included in its premium tier subscription called PlayStation Plus; though limited to PS4 games and older, it has the potential to compete with Google Stadia. With such a massive library of games and a wealth of experience, Sony could be the one to succeed at cloud gaming where Stadia failed.

Sony’s Q Lite could even make cloud gaming available for it through a PlayStation Plus subscription, making it viable as a standalone product, not just a PS5 accessory. Sony could give the cloud gaming market the boost it needs with such a product.

In conclusion, while rumors about the Q Lite suggest it could just be a PS Remote Play accessory, it could be more than that. Sony could be creating a product that could give the cloud gaming market the boost it needs – a cloud-based handheld PlayStation. We eagerly await Sony’s announcement regarding the Q Lite and its potential.

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