Amazon is currently offering the WD_BLACK 1TB SN850 NVMe Solid-State Drive for Playstation 5 for $114.99 shipped, presenting a saving of $125 compared to its original price of $240. This officially licensed model, designed to offer an additional 1TB of internal game storage to your system, has been reduced in price several times since 2022, from the current Amazon all-time low of $115 from the April offer.
The model features speeds of up to 7,000MB/s, a built-in heatsink to help maintain performance, and is compatible with M.2 form-factor. It holds up to 50 games with up to 2TB of added storage (the number of games varies based on file size, formatting, other programs, and factors). Currently, its 2TB model is still available for sale at $200.
For Playstation 5 firmware compatibility, users should check the SN850 HS PS5 page on the WD_BLACK site. If you wish to purchase a more affordable alternative to this officially licensed treatment, Samsung 980 PRO 1TB model is currently available for $90 at Amazon. It features 7,000MB/s at a lower price tag, and an easy-to-understand installation procedure which is detailed in our review tutorial.
On the portable side of game storage, WD_BLACK’s 2TB SSD Game Drive with RGB halo lighting is an optimal choice for gaming enthusiasts. Priced at $170, the game storage drive has been a popular choice due to its compact size and personalized lighting effect. With an all-time low of only $170, Amazon offers it in tandem with all necessary details required for setup.
Ultimately, users can decide whether to go for the officially licensed model or the more affordable alternatives. Such drives are must-haves for many serious and casual gamers, thanks to the extra storage required for games, applications, and other programs. Should you decide to purchase a license, be sure to check the compatibility of the drive with your system for optimal performance when it arrives.

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