Sony Aims to Release Two Major PS5 Titles Annually Across Every Major Genre

Sony recently confirmed its plans to release at least two major PlayStation 5 titles every year. PlayStation Studios will be responsible for these new games. The titles will consist of a combination of established franchises and new IP, covering every major genre such as action, RPGs, racing games, sports, platformers, and shooters. The company’s goal is to add new audiences to its customer base.

Sony plans to expand by moving onto other platforms such as smartphones and PCs. Through its PlayStation Productions pipeline and other initiatives, Sony seeks to leverage Sony synergy to unlock new audience growth. The company sees this approach as a way to drive audience growth and diversity.

During a Business Segment Meeting, PlayStation Studios lead Hermen Hulst shared that the studio has 12 live-service game titles in the making. As per the presentation, Sony intends that, by 2025, 60% of the PS5 business model will be based on live-service titles. The remaining 40% will come from single player experiences, similar to traditional PS5 models. Guerrilla Games, Haven Studio, and Firewalk Studios are some developers working on a Game as a Service.

With this announcement, Sony is likely to release another significant title to complement Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 this year. Sony has previously demonstrated its capacity to deliver top-rate games, with Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us: Part I, and God of War Ragnarok all released last year. This year saw the release of Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Other exciting PS5 exclusives set to be released include Death Stranding 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine; additional titles are expected to be unveiled during PlayStation Showcase. By expanding into new genres and gaming platforms, Sony hopes to generate additional interest in its products. With enough support, Sony’s lofty goals could be truly transformative for the gaming industry.

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