Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that its newest studio, Firewalk Studios, is developing a brand new PvP multiplayer first-person shooter called Concord. The game, set in a unique sci-fi universe, will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

Concord aims to bring together people through the power of games, according to the game’s director Ryan Ellis. The team at Firewalk Studios is driven by the unexpected moments and shared experiences that multiplayer games create. Each time you log on is the beginning of a new adventure and every match offers a new opportunity for a new story.

The game boasts a rich cast of characters and a unique universe consisting of vibrant worlds waiting to be explored. The teaser trailer offers a glimpse into the stunning sci-fi world that awaits players in Concord.

PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst is determined to target different genres, schedules, and scales with upcoming live service games, ensuring that each game will offer a unique and exciting experience.

There is much more to be revealed about Concord, and the Firewalk team is excited to share it in the lead up to the game’s launch next year. Stay tuned for more updates on Concord and other exciting games coming soon to PlayStation!

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