Sony has announced that it will be releasing new PlayStation 5 (PS5) exclusives to boost active users. This move is considered central to the company’s expansion strategy as it aims to increase the installed base and active users of the PS5. In a corporate strategy presentation, Sony Group Chairman and CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, mentioned that Sony will be expanding its portfolio of PS5 exclusives and strengthening its first-party game portfolio.

PS5 exclusives will drive the growth of Sony’s installed base, and Yoshida emphasized the importance of the company’s expansion plans. He stated that Sony is looking to expand its content pipelines to provide increasingly innovative and compelling game experiences that will increase the number of active users in the PS5. To boost output, Sony intends to invest in the development and publishing of third-party games while aiming to expand its content offerings and studio output.

Yoshida believes that Sony’s commitment to live service will help increase the number of active users on PC. The acquisition of Bungie will be an essential part of this corporate push.

Sony looks poised to take on competitors such as Microsoft, which has also ramped up its focus on exclusives and studio acquisitions. With the PS5 exclusives expanding, Sony hopes to continue to boost its hardware sales. Following a rocky start, PS5 consoles are now being manufactured at full capacity, and Yoshida says that this process will continue going forward.

With the video game market becoming more competitive every year, Sony and other gaming companies look to stay ahead by increasing their offerings continuously. This is good news for gamers who are always looking for new and exciting content to play.

In conclusion, Sony’s plan to offer more PS5 exclusives will drive the growth of its installed base, boost the number of active users, and expand its content pipelines. It is a smart strategic move that aims to provide increasingly innovative and compelling gaming experiences for its users. With numerous new games set to be released, Sony aims to stay ahead of its competitors and maintain its place in the gaming industry.

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