Sony has recently announced the “Project Q” portable device that allows gamers to play their PS5 games more conveniently. The announcement was made during a PlayStation showcase event and was followed by an official confirmation from Sony. The upcoming Q handheld will incorporate an 8-inch HD screen, all the buttons of the DualSense wireless controller, and an LCD screen for seamless streaming of PS5 games at 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi.

According to PlayStation’s boss Jim Ryan, users can use the “Remote Play” mode to stream any game from the PS5 console to the Q handheld. The Q handheld is set to launch later this year, although the exact launch date and pricing are yet to be confirmed. It is worth noting that the console will require the games to be installed on a PlayStation 5 console itself, which means that it cannot play games natively like a Steam Deck or phone, or even stream them from the cloud.

Although rumors regarding Sony’s new handheld device first surfaced earlier this year, fans were still surprised by the announcement. However, the name Project Q has been quite a significant hint as it closely matches the codename Q-Lite, which was used in the earlier reports.

The handheld’s compatibility with the Remote Play service means that gamers can stream games over Wi-Fi without having to tether the console to a hotspot or phone. It is not yet known whether Sony will allow streamed gameplay outside the home, but given the current Remote Play support for connections over cellular, this seems like an option.

Although Sony has not disclosed whether the Q handheld device covers cloud gaming or not, one cannot entirely rule out the possibility. Sony has hinted at a cloud gaming push, with several job postings making rounds lately to show that Sony is probably working on something in that direction.

With the Project Q, Sony aims to compete with the rise in popularity of handhelds like the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. While Sony’s Project Q can only stream gameplay over Wi-Fi and requires a PlayStation 5 console to function, it serves as an excellent Sony-made way to play the latest PlayStation games on a handheld device.

In summary, with Sony announcing the Q handheld device, gamers can now play their PS5 games more conveniently. Although the exact launch date and price for Q handheld are yet to be revealed, gamers are still excited about the new device’s potential and the seamless gameplay experience it promises to offer.

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