Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the first title from Haven Studios, called Fairgame$, a new multiplayer game from Assassin’s Creed boss Jade Raymond. Fairgame$ is a heist-themed, competitive multiplayer action game that involves joining an underground movement for robbing the ultra-rich and balancing the scales. The game is expected to be launching on both PlayStation 5 and PC platforms as a live-service game title.

According to¬†creative director Mathieu Leduc, the game was designed as a thrilling competitive heist game with sandbox gameplay, that rewards creativity, mastery, and delivers surprising stories in each level. The game’s unique concept comes from a desire to create a new type of player-versus-player game with emergent sandbox gameplay.

Haven Studios was formed with the goal of creating a new and original AAA multiplayer IP for PlayStation platforms, providing fresh multiplayer experiences that reward mastery and creative thinking while still delivering surprising stories. The formation of Haven Studios was officially announced back in March 2021, and one year later, the studio was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“This new title from Haven is exciting news, as it represents Sony’s investment in the live-service market. Sony is planning to release 12 live-service games over the coming years and it is confident in Haven Studios’ creative and technical expertise to deliver on an ambitious project,” said Sony’s Hermen Hulst.

Fairgame$ is a thrilling, ultra-competitive multiplayer game that promises to deliver hours of entertainment. The game’s success is expected given the expertise of the team behind the development. The gaming community eagerly awaits the release of Fairgame$, which will be sure to make an impact on the multiplayer gaming market.

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