According to recent news, Sony might be working on a redesigned version of the PS5 console that could launch this year. Numerous rumours about a PS5 Slim or Pro have been making rounds, but nobody knows for sure what Sony has planned for their next release. Recent developments, however, indicate that an overhaul in the design may be coming soon.

A new patent filed by Sony hints that the company is creating a PS5 design that comes with a removable, optical disk drive. Although critics are not excited about this seemingly minor update, product analysts suggest that the detached disk drive can be a useful feature to add to the console. If you do not own the console yet, getting the detachable accessory is a more affordable option than purchasing a new device. Currently, customers can choose between the PS5 digital edition and the disk edition. If you buy a digital edition but later want to switch to the disk edition, you cannot do so without purchasing a whole new device.

The PS5 has been available since 2020 and remains unrivaled in terms of gaming experience. Even two years down the line, the console is still going strong. The Unreal 5 engine that the console operates on promises gamers previously unreached heights of visual fidelity. In fact, a demonstration of the Horror game Layers of Fear running on UE5 provides a glimpse of what we can expect from the console’s future releases.

The development of a redesigned PS5 could prove to be an exciting development in the gaming world. Until Sony clarifies what they have planned for their next console, we can only wait and speculate as to what will come. However, based on the recent patent, we can only hope for an upgrade in the design that revolutionizes the gaming experience for all.

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