Sony’s recent $3.6 billion buyout of Bungie will bring a unique twist to the Destiny 2 game. The newly added purchasable items, based on some of the iconic PlayStation franchises, are going to be available for use on all platforms, not just the PS5 or PS4. This exciting news will provide gaming enthusiasts an opportunity to play as some of their favorite characters from other franchises.

Bungie’s Eververse Store will have new armor sets featuring Kratos, Aloy, and samurai armor to treat Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks (respectively) that will be accessible from tomorrow, the start of the Season of the Deep in Destiny 2. It means Titans can now dress up as Kratos, Hunters as Aloy, and even Warlocks can get their hands on the unique and cool samurai armor. The customization feature does not stop there. Players can also modify their Ghost with The Last of Us elements.

Players must keep in mind that they may need to spend a bit to gain access to these unique armor sets, given Destiny 2’s free-to-play nature. Although the PlayStation-themed sets are designed for purchase with love for the Sony family, Xbox and PC players can still add some PlayStation flavor to their game.

One can only dream of having Zelda’s tunic or Master Chief’s helmet added to the game to make the collection more substantial and extensive. However, until then, players can add some PlayStation element to the game with the new additions from Sony’s Bungie buyout.

In summary, Destiny 2 players on all supported gaming platforms can look forward to purchasing some neat and unique items from the Bungie in-game store. This news follows Sony’s recent $3.6 billion buyout of Bungie and signifies exciting times ahead for all enthusiasts of the Destiny franchise. Playstation lovers can roleplay their favorite Sony characters as well as modify their Ghost with The Last of Us elements regardless of their platform of choice.

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