Sony’s PS5 and PC release, Fairgame$, might be the company’s most tone deaf title to date, stirring some criticism from fans. Fairgame$, which takes gamers across the globe in forbidden locations and robs untouchable billionaires as “modern-day Robin Hood,” seems to have undermined a major issue of our time – wealth inequality. Despite its attempt to maintain neutrality, the game’s basic premise has rubbed some gamers the wrong way.

Creative director Mathieu Leduc, on the PS Blog, said, “You trespass inside forbidden locations around the world, fill your pockets like a kid in a candy store, and unravel the nefarious plans of untouchable billionaires.” While on the surface, it may seem like an exciting and engaging game concept, the fact it is a player versus player (PvP) game where players might resort to attacking and stealing from “fellow peasants,” is worrisome.

Moreover, the fact that Fairgame$ was the opening announcement during the most recent PS Showcase disappointed gamers worldwide. The game has been criticized on social media for appearing generic and akin to Ubisoft’s open-world games. The criticism continues in light of the fact that the Haven team is led by ex-Ubisoft employees, including founder Jade Raymond.

However, many fans acknowledge that it is still too early to draw any solid conclusions. The reveal trailer is just a cinematic; hopefully, the game plays differently from its reveal trailer.

But so far, the initial reception suggests that Fairgame$ will be a divisive game title because of its controversial premise and unlikely mashup of gameplay mechanics such as player versus player and cooperative play simultaneously.

While fans wait to learn more about the game, disappointment remains high; the excitement of a live service game for PS5 and PC could not make up for what many fans perceive as the game’s insensitivity to societal issues.

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