Sony has been under criticism for their decision to continue cross-generation games, even for high profile titles like God of War Ragnarok, until last year. This decision has prevented the full potential of the new-gen hardware from being utilized and has disappointed early adopters. However, this approach could have also allowed more people to access and enjoy Sony’s big titles amidst the shortage of PS5 stock.

The hotly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, developed exclusively for the PS5 by one of Sony’s best teams, Insomniac Games, is being created with ‘no compromises’, according to Jim Ryan, a key individual from Sony. This means that the game will utilize the full power of the PS5, without having to worry about running on an earlier system like the PS4. The executive did not share any specific details about the upcoming sequel but said that he has been receiving positive feedback and described it as ‘beautiful’.

The PS5 title will be one of the flagship games on display during next week’s PS Showcase, and it is almost certain that we will gain a comprehensive preview of the game. Rumors suggest that the superhero sequel is due to launch in September, and therefore an official release date is expected to follow shortly.

Despite the criticisms that Sony has faced so far, they seem to be changing their approach for their upcoming titles, and fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man can look forward to an impressive and beautiful exclusive game for the PS5, developed with ‘no compromises’.

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