Sony Unveils Access Controller with PS5 Accessibility UI and Virtual Controller Feature

Sony has revealed more details about the forthcoming Access controller for the PS5 that is designed to cater to players with disabilities. The customizable controller will include swappable buttons and stick caps to accommodate various requirements. Sony has also developed a special user interface for the Access controller that will offer gamers greater control over button mapping and profiles. The Access controller will include its own accessibility UI on the PS5 console that will allow players to select their preferred orientation, toggle buttons on or off, map two different inputs onto the same button, and even customize profiles for different games.

Sony has also created a virtual controller feature that will let players mix and match devices or allow for collaborative play. This virtual controller feature will enable players to connect up to two Access controllers and a single DualSense controller together. The company has also created a toggle mode that works like a keyboard’s caps lock key to switch a button on or off without needing to hold it down.

Hideaki Nishino, senior VP of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “On the PS5 console, players can select their preferred orientation for the Access controller, map different inputs to the various buttons, toggle buttons on or off, or even map two different inputs onto the same button.”

This is a step forward in the accessibility space for Sony, as the company has been dedicating resources and time to accessibility features in its consoles and games. While Sony has announced the Access controller’s name and some additional details (in recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day), we are still awaiting further information on pricing and release date. Nishino said, “We’ll have more to share about the Access controller for PS5, including more product and release details, in the months ahead.”

Gaming enthusiasts with disabilities have traditionally had to make do with standard controllers that are often challenging for them to use. Specialized accessibility-focused controllers like the Access controller are a positive development, providing greater choice and an improved gaming experience for a larger segment of the gaming population.

Sony has remained tight-lipped about the availability and cost of the Access controller, but fans hope that it will be reasonably priced and widely available to provide equal gaming opportunities to all PS5 players.

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