Square Enix has announced a brand new multiplayer game called Foamstars. The game is a four-player “party shooter” that seems to be heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Splatoon. However, it’s set at a foam party in a sketchy nightclub instead. Foamstars was announced with a trailer during PlayStation’s Showcase event, which showed happy and fashionable young folks shooting and blasting one another, as well as the dance floor, with foam-filled, chunky bubble guns.

The game is all about controlling a wearable device to shoot your opponents while keeping your territory safe. Just like Splatoon, owning the battlefield by covering it with foam is important to win the game. The game lets you build terrains using the foam to create slippery surfaces for fast surfing, defense mechanisms against enemy attacks, and as vantage points to take out opponents, according to the description on Square Enix’s YouTube Channel.

According to reports, Splatoon was released back in 2015, and despite its enormous popularity, no one has tried copying it until now. Kudos to Square Enix for being first. Foamstars is making its way to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 soon. While there is no official release date yet, gamers are already eager to see what this game has in store.

The trailer revealed that Foamstars heavily focuses on dressing the character up with various pieces of clothing before diving into the match, just like splatoon. It also showed what appear to be various game modes, such as a free-for-all, king of the throne, and domination. These game modes have become a favorite among online multiplayer games.

What makes Foamstar unique is that it’s the first game that attempts to create a party-game-style shooter while incorporating the use of foam everywhere. Additionally, the game aims to revolutionize the way players handle game control by pressing buttons on a wearable bracelet.

In conclusion, Foamstars is bound to have a considerable following of players, considering the success of Splatoon. With its innovative gameplay, it’s bound to keep players glued to their gaming console for hours. So, whether you’re a fan of party games, shooting games, or just looking for something unique, Foamstar has something to offer.

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