During yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, Square Enix announced a new multiplayer game for the PlayStation 5 called Foamstars. The objective of this game is to cover a map with your team’s colored foam. However, this concept seemed familiar to some people. In fact, many Splatoon fans believe that Foamstars is a knockoff version of the popular game from Nintendo.

As many people across social media called out the similarities between the two games, Square Enix may not have received the reaction it hoped for. Despite this, it’s understandable for game publishers to get inspiration from successful gaming series, such as Splatoon. Nintendo’s Splatoon, which debuted in 2015, has sold over 25 million copies worldwide, and the latest installment, Splatoon 3, became Japan’s fastest-selling game ever, outshining the previous record set by Pokemon Black and White.

While it is still too early to tell, it remains to be seen whether Foamstars will replicate the same kind of success as Splatoon on PlayStation platforms.

Fans on social media are quick to point out the similarities between the two games. As many anticipate the release of Foamstars, Splatoon fans realize how incredibly popular their favorite game has become, with Sony now trying to develop their own version.

Sony announced the release of their game, which appears to resemble Splatoon, during the showcase. The game will feature a range of challenges and new features, like customizing characters with gears. Some fans are more optimistic about the game than others, with one user on Twitter stating, “Playstation getting their Splatoon is so funny; they really be taking notes from Nintendo. Ima play it, though. It’s so cute.”

Overall, it is hard to predict whether Foamstars would achieve the same level of success as Splatoon, considering that it’s still in development and the PlayStation 5 is relatively new. However, it’s bound to be an exciting time for gamers to experience a different take on the multiplayer genre with vast possibilities.


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