Square Enix has unveiled its latest game at the PlayStation Showcase, and it’s a colourful and bubbly new party shooter called Foamstars. This 4v4 shooter game is set to hit both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. In the new game, players will use foam as both a projectile and a terrain for movement. The foam sticks together, allowing players to build walls and new terrain as they fight their opponents.


The graphics look jaw-dropping, with vivid colours and energetic vibes, which add to the intensity of the game. Foamstars is taking a different take on the usual shooter game genre, with a focus on territory control. It may be similar to Splatoon, but the game uses a new angle that makes it different and exciting.


The game producer, Kosuke Okatani, confirmed that Square Enix plans to release more details soon and did not confirm any date for the game release. It is expected that additional information about this game will be released in the coming weeks. With its unique graphics and different gameplay, it is sure to catch the attention of many fans, including those who have grown tired of the typical shooter games. While some players may have concerns about whether the game will be a live-service project, Square Enix has created a unique game that looks set to turn a new leaf in the shooter game genre.


The reveal of Foamstars marks one of two times that Square Enixappeared at the PlayStation Showcase, with the other reveal being the long-awaited RPG Final Fantasy XVI. Foamstars has therefore drawn a lot of attention and anticipation. Fans everywhere are eagerly waiting to see how the game will rise (or fall) as more details are shared in the coming weeks and months.


In the meantime, Square Enix has shown that they are not afraid to take risks, and with its bubbly new party shooter, Foamstars, they’ve proven that they can shake things up in the shooter game genre. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the game, where they can experience the thrill of fighting it out using sticky foam and build walls to outsmart their opponents.

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