Stray, the cat adventure game, is rumored to be coming to Xbox

Cat lovers, rejoice! It looks like the hit feline adventure game, Stray, which was previously a PlayStation console exclusive, might be making its way to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One platforms soon. The Entertainment Software Rating Board recently gave Stray an ‘E’ rating for Everyone 10+, citing animated blood and fantasy violence.

Screenshot from Stray, the game about a lost cat

While there’s no official confirmation yet, gamers can typically rely on the North American ratings board as a source of accurate information for upcoming game releases.

If the rumors are true, Stray could be launching on Xbox consoles sometime soon. Sony secured exclusivity for the game, but it’s possible that their deal expired this year.

Stray follows the story of a lost cat navigating a futuristic city filled with robots, where it must solve puzzles and fight off enemies to find its way home. The gameplay received high praise from critics and fans alike when it first launched on PS5 and PS4 in July 2022.

Our Review of Stray

Our gaming experts showered Stray with much-deserved praise and awarded the cat game four and a half out of five stars at launch.

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