Perfect World Games is excited to announce that Tower of Fantasy, an immersive cyberpunk open-world RPG, is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this summer. As the game’s lead designer, Sky Wang takes players on an exciting journey as they explore new worlds and simulations.

In Tower of Fantasy, players enter a vast cyberpunk universe and start their journey with a customized character in Aesperia. The game is the ultimate open-world adventure! As they explore a verdant wasteland, they can also venture through a sprawling desert, a cyberpunk city, and a breathtaking underwater world known as the Grand Sea. The Grand Sea, with its distinct ecosystem, allows players to swim alongside schools of fish and take on new foes. Along with this, the latest addition, Domain 9, provides a highly-stylized oriental magical world, offering a unique contrast to the other worlds.

Tower of Fantasy’s combat system is diverse, boasting over 30 weapons to choose from. Players can use a real-time action combat system to select their combat style and engage in Simulacrum Weapon system fights. This system allows you to transform into a simulacrum character when using a specific weapon, altering your appearance and abilities. Finally, each simulacrum character has its own rich backstory and unique set of skills.

Tower of Fantasy is not solely for embarking on an adventure solo, but also offers an exhilarating multiplayer experience as well. Players can interact, explore, and visit amusement parks with friends, or join guilds to take on more challenging missions and achieve victory together. However, you can also choose to forge your path alone and explore the game world and its mysteries at your own pace.

It’s clear that Tower of Fantasy has been crafted to excellent detail, with gorgeous graphics and a fascinating storyline. It’s truly an adventure that everyone can immerse themselves in. Be sure not to miss out on the playability of this masterpiece; it’s available on PlayStation this summer. Are you ready to unleash your inner wanderer? Play Tower of Fantasy.

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