Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset Review: Premium Price, Premium Sound? (PS5)

Last month, Turtle Beach introduced their latest product, the Stealth Pro headset, into the gaming headset market. Known for their top-quality gaming headsets, Turtle Beach has become a leader in this market. But the question remains, does this innovative product live up to its premium price tag?

Turtle Beach – Stealth Pro?

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset comes loaded with several features, most of which have been previously seen in the earlier Stealth models. However, Turtle Beach has managed to greatly improve upon these features in their latest update. Sound quality is, without a doubt, the most critical aspect of any gaming headset. Fortunately, the Stealth Pro more than delivers in this area.

The Audio Hub app that comes with this headset allows users to create their own custom audio profile for a variety of situations. You can create a bass-heavy profile to immerse yourself in a Drum’n’Bass track, or design a vocal boost profile to pick up the latest pop artist’s dulcet tones. There are many different customization options, making this a tech-savvy audiophile’s dream. However, the default settings are already more than adequate to showcase the headset’s capabilities. The Stealth Pro headset also boasts superior noise cancellation, making it one of the best in the market.

The detachable microphone delivers great clarity, with phone calls, party chats, and even phone recordings coming through clear as day. It’s no wonder many streamers and content creators are making this their go-to headset. The double battery system, with each battery lasting for twelve hours, allows you to use one battery while charging the other or charge the headset and battery directly, ensuring little to no downtime as an avid gamer and music listener.

The Stealth Pro has Bluetooth connectivity, much like the 700 Max model and the Earbuds. However, Turtle Beach has addressed the teething connection issues present in earlier versions of this headset. There’s no complicated process to connect the headset to your phone, PC, or laptop, making it easy to use. The constant connecting and disconnecting announcement that was present in the 700 Max is no longer an issue.

The bluetooth connection is automatic for calls but requires manual connection for audio upon booting up the headset. This is the only minor inconvenience that plagues the present model. But this slight problem is overshadowed by what the headset is built for: the PS5 and PlayStation’s 3D Audio. The Stealth Pro headset is designed to offer that extra edge, be it in a competitive multiplayer game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or an immersive single-player experience like Resident Evil 4 Remake. The audio quality elevates the entire gaming experience. The addition of Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing setting makes it unbeatable and takes the gaming experience a notch higher.

The Stealth Pro headset is an amazing improvement when compared to its predecessors like the 600 MAX and the 700 MAX. While its hefty price tag may turn some consumers off, it delivers an unparalleled audio experience with superior noise cancellation and fantastic battery life.

Final Verdict: 9/10


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