Warner Bros has been promoting its popular video game, Hogwarts Legacy, within another popular game, Mortal Kombat 11. Fans of the game and critics alike are unhappy with the advertisement banner on the home screen, which links to the PlayStation Store for easy access to purchasing the hit wizard-themed game.

This cross-promotion between Warner Bros’ games seems like a smart business move, but it has been met with strong backlash. Players have expressed their frustration after spending their hard-earned money on Mortal Kombat and having to deal with in-game advertising. Users on Reddit posted screenshots, indicating vivid banners for Hogwarts Legacy that took over the whole home screen.

It is not common that in-game advertising is widely accepted, and this approach to cross-promoting is not unfamiliar. However, it has been a while since Sony’s attempt to add commercials to WipEout HD on the PS3 was received negatively by its loyal users.

The Hogwarts Legacy game, an action-role-playing game set in the wizarding universe, was announced in September 2020. Still, it has already generated excitement among its fans. The game promises to take players on an adventure through Hogwarts’ past, and many fans expect it to be an immersive game, as Harry Potter is one of the world’s most loved franchise.

It remains to be seen what actions Warner Bros will take, as backlash from fans has so far poured in, but it’s unlikely that this is the last time they intend to cross-promote their releases.


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