It’s Finally Time To Buy A PS5

By Ben Sledge

Published 3 days ago

I sold my launch PS5 because I didn’t use it. I’m finally starting to regret my decision.

When the PS5 initially launched, it was nearly impossible to get a hold of one. Scalpers had a field day using bots to skip online queues, and regular gamers were left out in the cold – without a spaceship to adorn their TV stand ahead of Christmas. While the Xbox was slightly easier to find, the PS5 was gold dust, and to Ben Sledge, it was just simply not worth it.

Sledge initially managed to get hold of a PS5 through his phone contract provider and played Miles Morales over the Christmas break. The story was great, and the biggest difference he noticed from playing Spider-Man on his PS4 was the feeling in the adaptive triggers as he swung around New York. However, his initial excitement soon disappeared as the console failed to deliver – something was missing.

As he played the few exclusive titles, he began to look at his Xbox and what it had to offer. Game Pass offered a plethora of titles and almost all of its new releases on his monthly subscription plan, and the Xbox had Halo Infinite on the horizon (which unfortunately fell short). When it boiled down to it, Sledge felt as though the PS5 had nothing more to offer. Consequently, he sold the PS5 without a second thought and did not regret his decision – that was, until Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 were announced.

Spider-Man 2, releasing later this year, is rumoured to improve on the first game in many ways. Fans are hoping for the removal of Mary Jane stealth sections, something better for her to do and a town beyond Manhattan to explore and offer something new. However, Sledge will miss out on this opportunity since he no longer has a PS5 console. Similarly, Final Fantasy 16 is another PS5 exclusive that Sledge is missing out on. Although he is not necessarily a die-hard fan of the series, something about it calls to him: maybe it’s the promise of medieval Kaiju battles or the fact that he works for a website full of series stans.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing a PS5 – waiting for it to have more exclusives – now is the perfect time to start saving. Finally, after what seems like forever, the console has its exclusives and they are worth investing in. As for Sledge, he is simply left wanting more. While he is not prepared to purchase a whole console one game, he will certainly miss its exclusives and the unique experiences they offer.


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