Is LA Noire Coming to PS5?

LA Noire was remastered on PS4 a few years ago, but is it coming to PS5? When released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2011, the detective game was a hit, so it would be reasonable to expect a modern remaster.

There is no LA Noire release date for PS5. Rockstar has not announced any remaster for the detective thriller, let alone a release date. However, you can still play LA Noire on PS5 — the PS4 version is backwards compatible, meaning that you can use it on the newest Sony console.

The good news is that Take-Two, the publisher, announced last year that they would be developing sequels for multiple existing IPs, and while we haven’t heard any details regarding an LA Noire sequel for PS5, this statement technically covers the detective game.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle and we’ll let you know if there’s any news of a release or remaster of LA Noire for PS5.


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