The console war between Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X may not be over yet. While the Xbox Series X offers a cheaper version in Xbox Series S and a great subscription in Xbox Game Pass, Sony’s exclusives are a hit with gamers. To stay relevant, Xbox needs to offer something special, and Xbox Game Pass was the feather in Xbox’s cap until recently.

2023 was supposed to be the year of Redfall and Starfield, the two hotly anticipated Xbox/PC exclusive games from two major studios with fantastic track records. Then Redfall was released on May 2, and it’s been a disaster. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has put himself up for the blame, telling Kinda Funny that he feels disappointed to watch the Xbox community lose confidence. The Redfall disappointment has left a lot of people concerned about Starfield, which got delayed until September 6, and there’s a feeling that Xbox can’t produce a high-quality product even after delaying.

Bethesda Game Studios is making Starfield, which has a lot of similarities to its previous big-hit Skyrim. As a result, Starfield really needs to be a well-polished great game to encourage people to buy into Xbox as a brand and ecosystem, rather than simply invest more in their PS5 games library. The pressure is on Xbox and Bethesda to get Starfield right.

There’s a lot hanging on Starfield being a success and as a fan of Bethesda’s open-world games, everyone has their fingers and toes crossed for Starfield. If Starfield isn’t a critical hit, it could mark a downward trend for Xbox as a pair of current-gen consoles and an overall platform. And that could see a real cooling off in positivity towards the Series X and S, as well as Xbox as a gaming brand.

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