Despite Microsoft’s latest releases – the Xbox S and X series – supposedly bringing a higher level of competition to the gaming console market, the gaming console giant is struggling to keep up with competitors such as the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Although the Xbox S and X were released two days before the PS5, based on sales and consumer choices the Xbox has failed to make an impact on the gaming console world and according to Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, it cannot win against Sony’s PS5 and the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft’s strategy included simplistic design elements, creating a box shape design without unnecessary holes or cutouts, while the PS5 went for a more elaborate design with cutouts aplenty. Even with Microsoft’s thoughts that creating more games will help, Spencer claimed this is not true and suggested that gamers will not simply switch sides to the Xbox because of a specific game if they already have the PS5, which is already one of the best-selling consoles.To compete with competitors, such as the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, instead of focusing on the number of console sales, Xbox will focus on providing better services to make user experiences seamless.

Although Microsoft is highly respected as a gaming console provider, its recent struggles raise questions about the future of the brand. What do you think of its new strategy? Do you think it will lead to success or is a new, improved gaming console needed to succeed in the market? Let us know!

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