Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for the PlayStation 5 has recently been released for gamers who have been waiting to replay this amazing game in an even better way. Although Ys IX has been an underrated game in the Ys series, it remains a notably great game due to its personal narrative, perfectly smooth combat, and immensely diverse main cast. After its successful release on PS4, it seemed unnecessary to release it on PS5, but the game has now been given a native PS5 launch.

Upon reviewing the game before its release, it became clear that that the game played smoothly, and that the textures were crisper, but there wasn’t a significant change in comparison to the current state of the PlayStation 4 version. The game still runs smoothly with stable textures and hardly any performance issues. But an exciting addition to this version of the game is a range of unique cosmetic DLC costumes for each character that are highly reminiscent of theater performances. Plus, there are also several cute attachments that players can choose from; they can even add speech bubbles to the characters for an added effect. Despite not adding too much to the game, the DLC cosmetics make for a pleasant addition.

One of the most notable reasons for diehards to repurchase this game is the platinum trophy, which the game features again, providing an incentive for replay value if you’re a massive fan of this entry. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on the PS5 is the best version for gamers looking for the most value in their purchase, even though the difference is minor. Nonetheless, if you already own the title on anything but the Nintendo Switch, there isn’t much reason to revisit this game.

Gamers who have not experienced Ys IX: Monstrum Nox yet can try it out on their PS5 for the best experience. The game follows the protagonist and series lead, Adol Christin, as he finds himself imprisoned in the prison city of Balduq, where he quickly becomes a supernatural entity known as a Monstrum. He allies himself with a range of gifted individuals, and as a group, they unravel the truths surrounding the Romun Empire. Ys IX is the fourth game in the series to utilize a party combat, which means that characters other than Adol are playable, and each party member attributes specific attack types that are highly effective against specific enemies. Ys IX also embraces exploration, allowing players to see more and experience new things.

For an adventurous game that keeps you curious throughout, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on the PS5 is a great buy. It is highly recommended to anyone looking for a game with a personal narrative, smooth gameplay, and a diverse cast of characters that creates a compelling storyline. And with the addition of new costume DLCs, there’s an even more exciting dimension to the game. If you missed it on its release on PlayStation 4, take advantage of the PS5 native release.

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