The Steam Deck has been making waves in the gaming community recently, and for good reason. This handheld device allows you to play your favorite PC games on the go, seamlessly connecting to your Steam account. While the Steam Deck is straightforward to set up and use out of the box, there are plenty of ways to enhance your experience further.

Here are 15 tips and tricks for making the most of your Steam Deck:

1. Set up your Steam account or connect multiple accounts: If you already have a Steam account, log in as soon as you get your Steam Deck, but it’s easy to set up a new account through the app or browser. You can link multiple accounts to your Steam Deck, which is perfect if multiple users plan to play the device.

2. Buy and format a microSD card: The easiest way to expand your available storage is with a microSD card, which you can insert into the microSD card slot on the bottom of the Steam Deck. Then format it by going to Settings > System > System Settings > Format SD Card.

3. Change where your games are stored: Once you’ve inserted your microSD card, head to Settings > Storage. You’ll want to change the default storage location by selecting either the internal drive or the microSD card at the top and hitting X.

4. Buy a portable charger: The Steam Deck is meant to be portable, and one way to ensure it stays charged is to invest in a portable charger or power bank. Look for a USB-C charger with at least a 10,000mAh capacity.

5. Connect or buy a pair of headphones: You can use Bluetooth wireless headphones by going into Settings > Bluetooth, or use wired headphones with the headphone jack at the bottom of your Steam Deck.

6. Customize the look of your Steam profile: Hit your profile icon in the top right corner, select View Profile > Edit Profile and explore a bit to see what you can change. You’ll earn Steam Points by buying games and completing challenges, which you can then spend on more cosmetics for your profile.

7. Change your keyboard theme, haptics and language: To do this, go to Settings > Keyboard. You can choose between any of the preinstalled keyboards, adjust the haptics, the keyboard’s language, the sensitivity and more.

8. Change brightness and night mode settings: Tap the Steam button and scroll to Settings > Display. You’ll find a toggle at the top to turn adaptive brightness on or off. You can also turn on night mode until morning or schedule it to activate at certain times of day and adjust the tint.

9. Check out Steam sales and other events: Steam holds sales multiple times a year, usually around major holidays or at the start of seasons, like summer. They’ll be visible on the main store home page or you can check out other Steam deals in the meantime.

10. Learn about Great on Deck: Valve created a program called Great on Deck, which will check if a game will run great on the Steam Deck. You can see compatible games through a browser at the Great on Deck hub, at ProtonDB, or by going to the store on your Steam Deck.

11. Know how to configure controller layouts: Once you download a game, hit the controller icon on the right and either View Layout or Edit Layout at the top. All available layouts will then be shown for you to try.

12. Organize your games in collections: Just select a game in your library, hit the options menu and scroll down to Add to. You can add the game to an existing collection or create a new one.

13. Download a browser: Download a web browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to expand the capabilities of your Steam Deck.

14. How to search for game guides: Just go to the game’s Steam page and tab over to Game info. Hit the guides button, and you’ll see user-submitted walk-throughs, explanations and guides that can help you with your game.

15. Set up Remote Play: This feature lets you stream games directly from the Steam application on your PC to the Deck. Head to your Settings > Remote Play and move the toggle at the top to enable it.

So there you have it: 15 ways to enhance your Steam Deck experience, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the PC scene.

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