The 8 Best Media Players for the Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck not only lets you play games, but it’s also a great multimedia player. Here are the best media players for video and audio on your Steam Deck.

  1. VLC

    VLC is a cross-platform media player that can handle various audio and video formats. It has a track record of reliability for playing media files. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your media player, VLC is the way to go. It is also available for your Steam Deck, which means you can stream, watch, and listen offline perfectly.

  2. Haruna Media Player

    Haruna Media Player is a KDE-supported video player for your Steam Deck. It is a simple but powerful media player that emphasizes minimalism. Haruna is not as sleek as VLC, but it has a more minimalistic interface that fits perfectly with other KDE apps. Haruna’s most significant perk is that it has a sidebar where you can view all your media files in one directory, so you don’t have to open your file manager.

  3. PlasmaTube

    Watching YouTube in your web browser can be a cumbersome experience. PlasmaTube is a desktop client that speeds up the process. You can search for your preferred YouTube content within the app, and the videos you pick will load faster than they would on your browser. Privacy is also a significant concern when watching videos. Fortunately, PlasmaTube uses Invidious to load their videos, a Youtube front-end client that does not need login credentials.

  4. AudioTube

    If you mostly enjoy music videos on YouTube, AudioTube is the ideal desktop client for you. AudioTube loads all your chosen songs from YouTube but presents them as a comprehensive music library. You can save your favorite artists, and AudioTube will put all their music videos and songs in one categorized list. With AudioTube, you get the best of both worlds, a music-centric interface, and a video player beneficial for your Steam Deck.

  5. Elisa

    If you have an extensive MP3 collection, you might want to consider Elisa media player. As KDE’s premier media player, Elisa has an elegant interface and comprehensive feature set to manage your downloaded MP3s. If you’re looking for a well-designed, comprehensive media player, Elisa is the media player for you.

  6. Amberol

    If you prefer a more straightforward way to play your songs, Amberol is for you. You can load your songs by dragging them from the file manager into the app window, or you can select them using the Open button. Amberol immediately plays all your files and adds them to your playlist. Amberol doesn’t have any additional features but is a great media player for your Steam Deck.

  7. Vvave

    Sometimes, Elisa can be overwhelming. KDE’s Vvave player is the best alternative and is designed to play songs with minimum fuss. Vvave automatically scans your folder to detect all audio files and categorizes them for you. You can then choose from whatever Vvave finds, and it will add your choice to the playlist. Vvave also boasts a minimalist interface, with an option that displays album artwork and playback controls.

  8. Kasts

    If you love listening to podcasts, Kasts is the ideal desktop client for you. Kasts lets you search for your favorite podcasts within the app, or you can add RSS feeds manually. Kasts allows you to save your preferred play queue and playback speed, and it’s easy to adjust the app’s interface according to your preferred window size. Kasts is also great for syncing your playback progress across multiple devices.

Your Steam Deck can do more than just gaming. Whether you enjoy watching movies, keeping up with influencers, following musicians, or listening to your favorite podcasts, there is a media player that suits you perfectly. With such a diverse option of media apps, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Valve’s handheld even when you aren’t gaming. So grab a snack, turn on your Steam Deck media player, and enjoy your media entertainment to the fullest.


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