With early units of the ASUS ROG Ally in the wild already, one YouTuber has already turned theirs into a Steam Deck of sorts. The ROG Ally is designed to be a complete PC, which means it comes with the freedom to do basically whatever you want to it. The device is set to ship next month and has already caught the attention of several gamers. The ROG Ally will come with Windows 11 Home, but many doubt the feasibility of using Windows as an operating system on a handheld console.

SteamOS isn’t officially available for anyone to use yet, but there is an unofficial version called HoloISO which mimics Valve’s Steam Deck OS. YouTuber, ETAPrime, has already teased what the ROG Ally is like when transformed into a Steam Deck. It’s not half bad, and if you are a fan of SteamOS, this is what you’ll end up doing to it. However, regardless of the fact that it isn’t officially available, the performance looks outstanding. The 120Hz refresh rate of the display is recognized perfectly, and Forza Horizon 5 is running smoothly at 1080p. There are still issues requiring fixing, but these glitches should no longer be a problem once the hardware becomes retail-ready and open to the public for purchase.

It’s not just the high performance of the device that has people excited. The fact that people can start using their ROG Allys’ to play games in the way they desire is certainly an attractive proposition. While Windows may provide an excellent gaming experience, there are concerns as to how it will fair on a handheld device without trackpads. On the other hand, SteamOS is purpose-built for handheld use, and Proton has come a long way to overcome gaming incompatibilities. It will surely be fun to see what people start doing with their devices when they start shipping next month.

Overall, the ASUS ROG Ally is a gaming handheld that can be used to access several gaming services and storefronts. It is far more powerful than the Steam Deck and is available for pre-order now. You can pre-order it from Best Buy or Asus (US). The device is set to run Windows 11 Home, and while the device is promising, several gamers have concerns about its feasibility as a handheld console. The YouTube video about the ROG Ally’s transformation into a Steam Deck has generated several comments, and it’s clear people are excited about the prospect of being able to game on the device they desire.

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