In the world of gaming, a curious case has recently caught the attention of Atomic Heart players on the Steam Deck platform. The game’s graphics and display settings have mysteriously disappeared, leaving players without the ability to make resolution or visual quality adjustments.

The issue was first noticed by players following an update back in April, and the developers, Mundfish, promised to investigate and fix the issue in the next patch. However, the latest update, released just yesterday, has still not brought back the absent menus.

Interestingly, while the options menus are all present and correct when the game is running on a Windows PC, the display and quality settings are missing on the Steam Deck. This is odd, considering that the Steam Deck is supposed to be running the usual PC version of the game and not a separate Deck-specific version. A comparison of the options screen on Windows and Steam Deck shows a notable difference.

Despite the lack of a promised fix, Mundfish has maintained that this is a bug they plan on fixing eventually. While this missing feature is not game-breaking, it’s still a cause for concern to players who believe that settings, unsexy as they may seem, should never just disappear. What if some gamers require accessibility options like subtitles and control rebinding? They could also go missing for over a month.

Disappointingly, Valve, the owners of Steam, has granted Atomic Heart Steam Deck Verified status earlier in May and does not seem too fussed about the missing menus, at least not enough to revoke this status. Perhaps there aren’t any rules in the verification program about missing menus.

For now, the game runs fine, but it’s not enough for some players who would like their full range of options restored. Eventually, this issue will be resolved, but the question remains: how and when?

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