If you’re a fan of portable gaming PCs, you must have heard of the popular Chinese manufacturer Aya Neo. The company has made a name for itself for producing high-performing handheld Windows PCs in just two short years. The latest release is the Aya Neo Air Plus, a device that takes the impressive components of the flagship Aya Neo 2 and puts them in a smaller and more compact form factor. The Aya Neo Air Plus offers users great performance and a premium build that feels and looks fantastic.

The Aya Neo Air Plus comes in several configurations with varying price ranges from $600 to $1,400 and is available in three different colors: Glacier Blue, Starlight Black, and Classic Gray. At the low end, you can get an AMD Ryzen 3 7320U processor or an Intel Alder Lake i3 1215U. However, if you’re looking for optimal performance, the best configuration is the model with the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U starting at $980 and this configuration can outperform the Steam Deck.

The device’s overall size and 6-inch touchscreen display make it more compact than the 7-inch Aya Neo handhelds, yet larger than the original Air models. Despite being compact, the handheld is ergonomically friendly and natural to hold with its rounded back handles, making the experience comfortable for hours. Additionally, the Aya Neo Air Plus has a microSD card slot that allows you to expand your storage while retaining solid performance.

Aya Neo Air Plus running Aya Space

One of the features that separate the Air Plus from other devices is its gaming infrastructure, which starts with Aya Space, the proprietary software and user interface that Aya Neo created for handheld users. When you boot up the Air Plus, Aya Space lets you set up your game library and add game clients such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Once you have added the game

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