Valve’s Steam Deck is a portable gaming machine with the capability to give Nintendo Switch tough competition and replace more traditional consoles. Unlike other consoles with a compact external design, it has the power of a fully-fledged PC. With its Linux-based operating system that allows playing countless Steam games and a welcoming interface, Steam Deck attracts all kinds of gamers. In addition to its full potential, Steam Deck is compatible with a variety of PC accessories that expand its functionalities to the next level. Here, we have shortlisted the best accessories that help improve inputs, expand storage, and enhance overall performance.

The Steam Deck comes with onboard storage ranging from 64GB to 512GB, depending on the model. Still, the ever-increasing sizes of modern PC games have compelled players to look for ways to expand the storage capacity. The easiest way is to purchase a large microSD card like the Samsung Evo Select. With this MicroSDXC card and adapter, players can expand their Steam Deck storage in no time and download more games while on the go.

When it’s time to play games on the big screen, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is an excellent accessory worth every penny you spend. It offers ergonomic buttons, sticks, and grips, unlike any other Xbox controller. And with its sturdy build quality and modular design, this controller easily connects with the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is a premium product that deserves a premium case, and Waterfield Designs’s CitySlicker is one of the best cases in the market. The CitySlicker for Steam Deck, a stylish, natural-leather pouch, accommodates the Deck and several small accessories such as cables and SD cards. This pouch is large enough to encapsulate the device without feeling ungainly.

The Steam Deck works with any USB-C dock, but Valve’s official dock is our top pick that truly feels designed for the Deck. Valve’s Steam Deck Dock perfectly centers and props up the Deck, providing extra ports for Ethernet, HDMI, and USB accessories. It functions without external power and plays nice with Valve’s firmware updates, making it highly functional and reliable.

In addition, a gaming mouse is essential for high-performance gaming genres such as shooters or strategy games. The HyperX Pulsefire Haste, an Editor’s choice winner, comes with six buttons and an excellent sensor in a lightweight chassis, making it ideal to play games.

The Razer Barracuda X is one of the best headsets that perfectly complements the Steam Deck’s impressive visuals for its size. With its strong audio chops, a clear and noise-canceling microphone, multiple connection options, and comfortable fit, the headset is perfect for playing shooters, sports games, or any game that suits your mood.

Typing on Steam Deck’s touch screen can be challenging, so for general use or productivity, Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard is our top pick for wireless gaming keyboards. The keyboard is durable with a mechanical design, customization options, and comfortable wrist rest. It is an outstanding keyboard, although it may require a premium budget.

In conclusion, Valve’s Steam Deck is the future of gaming with a user-friendly interface and expandable accessory list that can enhance gameplay on the deck. Each of the above-listed accessories is extraordinary in its own way and adds value by improving storage capacity, inputs, connectivity, and overall gaming performance.

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