Can You Play Honkai Star Rail on Steam Deck?

By Joel Loynds
Published: 2023-04-26T11:39:32 Updated: 2023-04-26T11:39:41

Are you wondering whether you can play Honkai Star Rail on Steam Deck? We have good news and bad news. We have tested the game on Steam Deck and making it playable is possible, but be prepared to jump through a few hoops.

Honkai Star Rail is the popular follow-up game to HoYoverse’s hit game, Honkai Impact 3. The studio has also developed the famous game Genshin Impact. With many gamers looking to play Honkai Star Rail on the go, we have explored whether the game runs on Valve’s handheld PC, the Steam Deck.

HoYoverse is known for creating games with strict anti-cheat systems, which spells trouble for players looking to run the game natively on Steam Deck. In fact, all PC versions of Honkai Impact 3, Star Rail, and Genshin Impact feature these robust anti-cheat systems.

Does Honkai Star Rail Run on Steam Deck?

The answer is no. Honkai Star Rail cannot run natively on Steam Deck. To make it playable, you need to install Windows 11 and replace your SSD as well. We have a full guide on how to do this.

Once you have installed Windows 11 on your Steam Deck, there is an extra step. You need to follow the process in this GitHub project and install it to get the Steam Deck gamepad to work properly.

Unfortunately, even on various versions of Proton, Valve’s translation layer for running Windows applications on Linux, we still could not get the game to load properly. The strict anti-cheat in place for Genshin Impact and Star Rail shows up as a device driver on Windows, making it incompatible with the game on Steam Deck.

Initially, the game installs on Steam Deck just fine by adding it to your library, but once you boot it up, you will be disappointed to find out it isn’t compatible. It would seem that without miHoYo doing the extra work to support Steam Deck, Star Rail might never come to the device without some workarounds.

As with Call of Duty and Destiny 2, miHoYo could always revise their anti-cheat systems to make it work, but for now, players will have to figure out a way to run the game or wait. If you want to play the game on PC, you can always check if you need to upgrade your GPU first.

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