David Galindo and Vertigo Gaming have been working on the Cook Serve Delicious franchise for over a decade. The series has seen multiple entries, ports, and releases on various platforms. Cook Serve Forever was just released on PC as an early access title, and we had the pleasure of talking to David about a variety of topics leading up to the launch.

David has been making games for over 20 years, and Cook Serve Delicious was the game that put him on the map. From the beginning, his team has grown from just him to a full-time staff of six and twelve freelancers. David and his team have been involved in every aspect of the development of the series, including mobile ports, console versions, and updates.

Cook Serve Delicious has been ported to mobile but not to console. Conversely, Cook Serve Delicious 2 and 3 were brought to consoles but not mobile. David said that he wants to return to mobile, but he needs to make it unique and original and not just a simple update. Cook Serve Delicious 1 is barely supported by phones due to its age.

David and his team approach each new game by focusing on how to change things up with the new game to maintain their interest in it for the next two years. Cook Serve Delicious 3 was a game that he felt he had nothing to lose and he made a wild game. It has since become a favorite of the series. Conversely, Cook Serve Delicious Forever is starting with a blank slate, and the metrics from Cook Serve Delicious 3 have informed the team to change the difficulty ramp of the latest installment.

The team has grown over the years, but David is not interested in having a large staff of over ten people due to the risks involved. Cook Serve Forever is the biggest risk the company has ever taken as they hired four full-time people since they started making it.

The interview concluded with thanks given to David Galindo and Vertigo Gaming.


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