Dbrand’s Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-inspired skins provoke potential legal action


Tech and device provider, Dbrand, faces potential legal issues over the launch of its latest Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck products. The “Clone of the Kingdom” skins for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck are Dbrand’s interpretation of the design from Nintendo’s limited edition Switch OLED. The device carries Dbrand’s iconic battle cry of “Go f**k yourselves lawyers” and a swapped Triforce inscribed with the Eye of Providence (otherwise known as the “Illuminati symbol”). There is a lot of speculation over whether the device will result in a fight with the iconic Japanese video gaming company.

Dbrand is offering different coloured skins for the left Joy-Con, including a gold and green motif or a gold and black version. This has caused some speculation amongst fans who are questioning whether Dbrand’s venture into colour coordination with the console could become a risk mitigation tactic to protect the company’s services against litigation.

This latest move comes after Dbrand previously got into a legal standoff with Sony over console plates. Dbrand’s response was to get a little creative and release the PS5 console plates, which Sony had earlier tried to take down due to a cease-and-desist order. Moreover, Dbrand produced “SwitchDeck” skins for the Steam Deck, which emphasised the Steam Deck’s similarity to the Nintendo Switch, a clear jab at the Japanese gaming company.

Dbrand's Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-esque skins for the Steam Deck, including two trackpad skins and a microfiber cloth

The “Clone of the Kingdom” skins for Nintendo Switch retail for $49.95. The Steam Deck version includes skins for the front, back, and top rail, two trackpad skins and a microfiber cloth. The Steam Deck version is also priced at $49.95.

It is difficult to predict whether Dbrand’s venture into this territory will result in legal battles. Fans may be pleased with the launch of the latest skins; however, it is clear that Dbrand is not afraid to take risks and focuses on creative provision across its product suite.


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