The popular multiplayer game Dead by Daylight has been officially recognized as Steam Deck Verified by Valve, making it one of the few games in the Steam Deck library. This was announced by the game’s official Twitter account and highlighted on their official Steam announcements page, marking it as “official” beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The game’s verification by Valve means that it utilizes Proton 8.0-2 by default. Dead by Daylight can still be played on desktop Linux, and even on the Steam Deck, it runs at 60FPS on Medium settings. This means that it delivers a seamless gaming experience, whether it’s being played on a desktop or the portable Steam Deck.

This is solid news for players of the game who have been anxiously awaiting the game’s official Steam Deck support. Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam and having it officially verified for use on Steam Deck is fantastic news for fans.

If you’re a fan of horror, anti-cheat, online co-op, online multiplayer, and survival games, you can buy a copy of Dead by Daylight on either the Humble Store or Steam.

Written by Liam Dawe, the owner of GamingOnLinux, the article sheds light on the latest developments concerning Dead by Daylight. The game has been a sensation amongst multiplayer fans and the announcement of its official Steam Deck support is a tremendous victory. The article mentions that the game can be played on desktop Linux systems and on the portable Steam Deck, so players can enjoy it wherever they are. The game’s optimized performance means that it remains responsive and immersive, irrespective of the device it is being played on.

The news has been welcomed by players as well, with many taking to the comments section to express their excitement and joy. Fans can continue to enjoy playing one of the most popular games on Steam, without any fear of reduced functionality or poor game performance.


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