DeckHD: Waitlist open for upgraded Steam Deck screen at $99

FX Technology has opened a waitlist for its 1200p resolution screen for the Steam Deck, DeckHD. As well as better resolution, it also offers a few other upgrades.

The Steam Deck has been a massive boon for tinkerers and those wanting to push the hardware in new, weird directions. Even the Ukrainian army has taken to it for controlling a turret.

However, screen replacements are far and few between. iFixit has kits for such a purpose, but the DeckHD will be the first screen to offer a DIY upgrade to the Steam Deck’s panel.

Currently, the Steam Deck has an 800p screen at 16:10 aspect ratio. This makes it a little harder for manufacturers to produce or source their own, due to the specifications.

FX Technology wants to upscale this to 1200p and provide the same anti-glare for every customer that’s only available on the 512GB model. They are also pricing the screen at an estimated $99, which goes in line with iFixit’s kit.

It also claims to have a “74% AdobeRGB Coverage” compared to the Steam Deck’s 45%. The screen’s new color gamut would allow players to “enjoy richer hues and deeper contrasts”, according to the advertisement.

However, concerns have been raised on the Steam Deck Reddit forum. While appreciative of the new options being made available, battery life and performance are key factors in the argument against the DeckHD. At 800p, some recent AAA games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, only runs at 30FPS with the assistance of AMD’s supersampling.

Games in a similar scope would absolutely be affected by the bump-up in resolution, with the Steam Deck already having some struggles while on the go. Battery life would also dwindle, as the more the system has to output, the faster the drain.

Currently, the Steam Deck on average use can last around two hours before having to charge up.

You can join the waitlist by heading over to FX Technology’s website.


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