If you’re a Steam Deck owner and want to take a chance on a mystery game bundle, then Fanatical’s Mystery on the Move Bundle could be for you. For just $4, you’ll get three random games from a curated list, all verified and compatible with the Steam Deck. These games have, on average, a rating of 70% or higher on Steam, so you’re unlikely to end up with dud titles.

The games in this promotion include Chernobylite Enhanced Edition, The Evil Within 2, and Doom 64, among many others. Other standout titles are Maneater, Kingdom Rush, and Tesla Force. But, just like any mystery bundle, there’s a chance that the luck of the draw won’t land on your side, and you may get YouTubers Life. That being said, if you don’t mind taking the risk, this bundle is worth considering.

It’s worth noting that while you won’t get duplicates in your first order, there’s a chance of that happening if you buy more than one bundle. Additionally, Fanatical says it’ll be adding more games to the bundle soon.

In addition, Fanatical has several other offers as part of its Bundlefest, including a Killer Bundle featuring 19 games for $20, a Play on the Go Premium Bundle to build your own Steam Deck bundle, and a Bethesda VR Collection featuring four of Bethesda’s top hits for $25.

For more deals, you can also check out Fanatical’s special on 11 classic PC games for just $4.

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