Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – We Compare PC, Switch, Steam Deck, Mobile, PS5, and More

Posted on May 24, 2023 by Mikhail Madnani

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy series? If yes, then you can’t miss Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. This series brought the first six mainline games of Final Fantasy to iOS, Android, and Steam in a pixel aesthetic with some quality of life improvements, new arranged music, and more. We have played the game on various platforms like PC, Switch, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and mobile and have fallen in love with it. In this article, we will compare the features, performance, convenience, price, and more of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster across different platforms to help you decide which version is best for you.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Features by Platform

Following the launch on mobile and PC, Square Enix patched some of the issues on those platforms, but the main issues relating to the font and scrolling were never addressed on either platform. Mobile users are yet to get controller support. While the PC version’s font can be manually fixed through the game’s own files, this isn’t possible on iOS. These difficulty modifiers or boost options on console let you adjust a few gameplay elements like experience from 0 to 4x, turn off random encounters, and more. As of this writing, nothing concrete has been announced for mobile and PC to get these features.

The new option to let PlayStation and Switch owners use the original soundtrack means the in-game music player on those versions lets you listen to both the new arrangements for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster and the original soundtrack. The PS4 version includes trophy support with each game having its own platinum trophy if that matters to you.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Price on Different Platforms

All six games are available separately or in a Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I – VI Bundle on iOS, Switch, PS4, and Steam. Buying the games individually ends up costing a lot more so keep that in mind before you make your purchase. Currently, the bundle is priced at approximately $65 on iOS, $75 on PS4 (PS5 backward compatibility), $75 on Switch, and $75 on Steam. There is no bundle for Google Play as of this writing.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Font – Which Version Has The Font Fixed?

Unless you swap the Japanese and English fonts on PC or resort to modding, you are stuck with the default font on iOS and mobile versions. On PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch, you can use the new Pixel Font which isn’t perfect, but a massive improvement over the original one.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – Visuals and Performance

All versions look the same outside of the font options. Performance is where things differ. The Switch version and older mobile devices have similar additional stutter issues due to poor frame pacing. These are not present in the PC version, newer mobile devices, and the PS4 version in our testing. Load times are also where things differ. PS4 on PS5 and PC on an SSD offer the fastest loading. Switch is slower than most mobile devices.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – Controller Support

The PS4, Switch, and Steam versions of the game have controller support. However, the iOS and Android versions currently lack controller support. Hopefully, the mobile versions get patched with controller support in the future.

Is Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Best on PS5 or PC?

In its current state, only the PC and PS4 version played on PS5 offer the smoothest experience, and even they have the same scrolling issues. With the additional features and soundtrack option, the PS4 version on PS5 goes above the PC version as well making it the best version overall.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch?

The Switch version even with the performance issues is better than the Steam Deck version thanks to all the new features included. If these features come to the PC version or mobile releases, things will be different. Until then, Switch is the way to go for the best portable version of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Release

If you are someone who loves owning physical games, then the only version available is the Asia physical release on Switch. Currently, the North American and European PS4/Switch physicals are long sold out. We hope Square Enix re-releases the physical. Right now, the only way to get a physical release is the Asia Switch version.

Which Version of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Should You Buy?

If you value portability above all, then the Switch version is the way to go. Despite the judder issues that aren’t present on some other platforms, it offers the best value with it being playable on TV and in handheld mode while offering the most features. If you don’t care about portability, then the PS4 version on PS5 is the best version of the game right now. If the new features for the console versions aren’t enough to convince you to play there, the best version is the PC version. Mobile lacks controller support, making it hard to recommend over the others if you have access to other platforms.

In our opinion, we recommend going for the PS4/PS5 or Switch versions for a smooth gaming experience. Hopefully, Square Enix patches the mobile and PC versions to get the console-specific content and features, but until then, mobile and PC are lacking compared to the console versions.


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