Steam Deck: How To Change The Boot Intro Videos

Steam Deck: How To Change The Boot Intro Videos

The Steam Deck has a small selection of intro/boot videos built into the system. Unfortunately, the range of choice is not vast or extensive for users that want something more unique. But, thanks to the scope of customization plugins available via custom programs, it is possible to change the opening boot-up video and the suspending video.

If Steam Deck users want to boot up their machines with a nostalgic intro that plays like the Nintendo GameCube, the PS1, or the Sega Dreamcast, they can by following the instructions in this guide.

Install Decky Loader

Before getting a more extensive choice of booting and suspending videos on the Steam Deck, users must first install Decky Loader. Decky Loader is a plugin that allows users to tinker with their power settings, change their themes on Steam Deck, and more.

  1. Power on the Steam Deck and ensure it has a full battery bar.
  2. Connect a keyboard and mouse to operate the Steam Deck like a PC.
  3. Press the Steam button on the left side of the handheld.
  4. Move the highlighter down and select Power.
  5. Switch to Desktop Mode.
  6. Open a browser using Steam Deck’s OS.
  7. Download and install Decky Loader from this link.
  8. Check the recommended settings and continue the installation.
  9. Once installed, switch the Steam Deck back into Gaming Mode.

Install Animation Changer

With Decky Loader installed, it is time to download the Animation Changer plugin. This app gives Steam Deck users the largest selection of intro videos and suspending animations.

  1. In Gaming Mode, press the button with three dots on the right side of the handheld.
  2. Move the highlighter down and select the plug icon.
  3. In the Decky Loader menu, select the settings cog.
  4. Select Check for Updates.
  5. With Decky Loader updated, select the store icon next to the settings cog.
  6. Look for the Animation Changer plugin and install it.

Change The Boot Video

  1. Press the button with the three dots on the Steam Deck and select the plug icon.
  2. Select the Animation Changer plugin.
  3. Select Manage Animations to access the new menu.
  4. In the Animation Changer menu, select the Newest dropdown menu, and change it to most popular or most liked.
  5. Highlight the new opening video and select Download Animation.
  6. With the new Animation downloaded, open Animation Changer.
  7. Under the Animations menu, select Boot.
  8. Select the new opening video.

Change The Suspend Video

  1. Open the Animation Changer Menu again.
  2. Select the All dropdown menu.
  3. Now select Suspend to open the list of Suspend animations.
  4. Select the desired outro video and select Download Animation.
  5. Open Animation Changer.
  6. Under the Animations menu, select Suspend and click on the new Suspend video.

Now, Steam Deck users can put their games into standby mode with a closing animation from Mario saying bye-bye or the code from The Matrix users have a selection of videos to choose from.

The Steam Deck is available now from the official Steam store. Happy gaming!


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