Are you a Steam Deck user? Ever faced issues like low frame rates, stutters, and performance-related problems while playing games? Look no further! Steam Deck comes with an in-built Performance Overlay that lets you monitor CPU/GPU usage, FPS counter and other performance stats on your handheld device, allowing you to fine-tune your gaming experience.

How to Enable Performance Overlay on Steam Deck

Steam Deck’s Performance Overlay has four different levels. Follow these simple steps to turn on the Performance Overlay:

  1. Press the Quick Access Menu button, which is a three-dot button beneath the right trackpad.
  2. Within the Quick Access menu, click the “battery” icon, which will take you to the performance tuning section on Steam Deck.
  3. Here, you will see the “Performance Overlay Level” slider under the battery life. Use the “A” button to access this slider and choose the desired level of performance overlay. You can then use the D-Pad or left stick to select the overlay level.

What Does Each Performance Overlay Show?

Performance Overlay Level 1

Level one shows only the frame rate in the top-left of the screen. This level overlay is best for users who prefer only an FPS counter.

Performance Overlay Level 2

Level two displays all the vital statistics a user might require to fine-tune the performance of their Steam Deck. It shows:

  • The frame rate (FPS) and a chart showing the frame rate dips on Steam Deck.
  • Battery percentage with how many volts the battery is pulling, GPU and CPU utilization along with voltage usage, and RAM usage.
  • It also shows the Gamescope, which is responsible for per-game session settings.

Performance Overlay Level 3

The third level overlay includes everything from level two but with more in-depth information. It shows:

  • The CPU and GPU usage along with their temperature.
  • The frame rate chart displaying the frame consistency and the minimum, maximum, and average ms measurements.

Performance Overlay Level 4

The fourth level of the performance overlay shows extensive information related to Steam Deck’s performance (like CPU and GPU utilization percentage, GPU VRAM usage, and fan speed). The best part about the Level 4 overlay is that a knowledgeable user can tweak nearly every single thing here to get better performance and extend the battery life on Steam Deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Performance Overlay Restricted to Video Games?
  • The performance overlay in Steam Deck is not restricted to video games. Users can cast the overlay on the SteamOS as well, but the overlay’s functionality shines through when used in gaming mode.

  • Can We Use The Performance Overlay In Desktop Mode?
  • No, the performance overlay does not work outside of SteamOS. A user can install separate benchmarking software or apps like MangoHUD on Steam Deck to use a performance overlay in the Linux environment.

Summing up, the Performance Overlay on Steam Deck provides real-time insights into FPS counter, CPU/GPU info and more, making it easier for users to fine-tune their gaming experience. Which Performance Overlay Level is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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