Steam Deck: How To Enable Remote Play

By Michael Llewellyn

Published Apr 29, 2023

The Steam Deck is an incredible device that allows you to take your games anywhere and play a vast library of verified and playable games on the handheld. It is a clever device that can be used as a desktop with the right tools and applications. Moreover, the machine can run some demanding Triple-A games without any issues. The portability of Steam Deck goes even further than its handheld mode. You can play the machine remotely on a PC screen, giving the machine more usability when it comes to compatibility.

Playing The Steam Deck Remotely

Playing Steam Deck remotely is a practical feature that allows you to play games at home or on the go without being limited to playing games in handheld mode. However, there are some limitations to playing remotely, and getting it to work depends on how capable your PC or laptop is at running games and how good your Wi-Fi connection is at the time.

Assuming that you have a capable PC for streaming and a powerful internet connection with a good router, use the following steps to play Steam Deck remotely:

The Steam App On PC

  • Ensure that Steam is installed on the PC.
  • Launch the Steam app.
  • In the Steam app, select Settings.
  • Select Remote Play.
  • Ensure to check the Enable Remote Play option.
  • Ensure that the Steam Deck is showing up under Device Name – if the Steam Deck is switched on.
  • Under Client options streaming to this computer, either select Balanced or Fast. It’s a good idea to try selecting Fast if you aren’t confident in your connections and PC.
  • Now, select Advanced Host Options.
  • Check “Change Desktop to match the streaming client”. This will prevent the PC or laptop from having strange upscaling issues and keep it in line with the Steam Deck’s resolution.
  • Then check the Prioritize network traffic option if you have a high-end router that can turn traffic prioritization.
  • Ensure the Number of software encoding threads is set to Automatic.
  • Press OK to confirm the settings.

Steam Deck

  • Power on the Steam Deck.
  • Press the Steam Button.
  • Scroll down and highlight Remote Play.
  • Switch on the Enable Remote Play option.
  • The PC or laptop should appear under Computers & Devices.
  • Select Enable Advanced Client Options.
  • Under Video, select Fast, Balanced, or Beautiful. Select Fast first to see how the stream performs.
  • Scroll down to ensure that Framerate and Bandwidth limits are set to Automatic.
  • Under Resolution Limit, users can select a range of resolutions from standard 480p up to 8K. Experiment with the lower resolutions first.
  • Head into the game library and select the desired game – not all games work with remote play.
  • Instead of selecting play, press the dropdown arrow and click on the paired PC or laptop to play the game.

That’s everything you need to know about playing games remotely with the Steam Deck. It isn’t perfect, and it will depend on how well your PC or laptop performs with games. The Steam Deck is now available from the official Steam Store.

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