Lutris is a Linux program that allows you to manage and install Blizzard’s games and necessary dependencies, including, with ease. After installing Lutris, the process of installing Diablo 4 on Steam Deck is simple. You’ll need to follow a few steps to get set up, but the results are well worth it.

It’s worth mentioning that while the Steam Deck’s hardware is powerful enough to run Diablo 4, you’ll need a fairly recent model to do so comfortably. The device will likely be able to smoothly handle high-resolution graphics settings, but you may need to adjust some settings to find the perfect balance between performance and visual fidelity. Furthermore, some of the more graphically intense features of Diablo 4 may not work properly on the Steam Deck, such as ray tracing.

Despite these caveats, the Steam Deck is a perfectly suitable device to play Blizzard’s latest game. The D-pad, analogue sticks, and buttons on the device’s layout should work just fine with Diablo 4’s controls, and the Steam Deck’s portability means that you can take the game with you on the go.

So, in conclusion, yes, you can play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck! With Lutris and a little bit of effort, you can enjoy the game on Valve’s excellent handheld. Whether you’re at home or on the move, the Steam Deck is a great way to experience Blizzard’s new action RPG.

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