The popular FPS game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC), has received improved Steam Deck support after users encountered initial issues with playing the game on the device. It is good news for avid players, as this development also means improved gaming on desktop Linux.

Previously, it was difficult to fully engage in online multiplayer games due to Easy Anti-Cheat issues, but it appears that these problems have been partially resolved. The EAC has now enabled players on Steam Deck to engage in multiplayer matchmaking and enter the Custom Game Browser services. Microsoft, the game’s developers, have stated that they will continue to work towards improving the game’s Steam Deck compatibility.

However, some known issues may limit the gameplay experience for players on Steam Deck as they navigate the functionality of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. For instance, when launching the game on Steam Deck, players who select either of the available Anti-Cheat launch options will launch their game with the opposite launch option. Players must therefore choose the “Anti-Cheat Disabled” launch option to access the multiplayer matchmaking and the Custom Game Browser until the issue is resolved in future updates. Additionally, players may experience Halo: The Master Chief Collection freezing or crashing shortly after leaving a party with other players via the Roster menu. Players may also be unable to play campaign co-op or Spartan Ops with players on PC or Xbox consoles. In a group of players on Steam Deck, these features should function as expected.

For those trying the game on Steam Deck for the first time, the on-screen keyboard does not automatically appear to facilitate sign-in. Therefore, players must press STEAM + X to pull up the keyboard and may need to tap the input box several times to gain focus from the keyboard.

Players of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam Deck will benefit from this update, and it sheds light on the evolution of gaming compatibility with different devices. It is hopeful that game developers will continue to commit to exploring compatibility mechanisms to enable gamers to engage in their favorite games on any device they wish to use.

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