The Asus ROG Ally could be the beginning of a new era of handheld gaming devices. The device that is powered by a 55 percent faster AMD Ryzen Z1 chip, runs Windows 11 and costs only $50 more than the Steam Deck will be available in early May. With a flatter and lighter design, a brighter screen, and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz makes the Ally a fierce competitor to the Steam Deck, which might become a thing of the past with the arrival of the ROG Ally.

According to reports, the ROG Ally could offer gamers a much better experience compared to the Steam Deck due to its improved product specifications, which would make it easier to run AAA titles and online games. The device will also offer a smoother gaming experience due to its cooler and quieter performance. Not surprisingly, this news has been well-received by the gaming press with one writer even saying that he is “ready to ditch his Steam Deck” after the Ally fixed nearly every problem that he had with the Steam Deck.

It is interesting to look into the defining feature of handheld gaming. For many gamers, what makes Nintendo’s Switch so great is the games that are exclusive to the platform, its portability, and its nature as a system that can be put down and picked up at a moment’s notice. The Steam Deck serves a similar purpose but with many more buttons and a Linux operating system. Gamers who prefer playing games with a proper controller or keyboard and mouse setup opt to play games on their PC or stream PC games straight to the TV.

With the arrival of the Asus ROG Ally, handheld gaming could be entering a new era where devices dominate the market and provide an experience that is comparable to playing on a high-end gaming PC. The release of these new devices could lead to a rise in the number of titles that are available on handheld devices. Additionally, gamers could soon have the ability to play games with the highest quality possible, with good headphones or speakers, and even chat with others while playing. All these features and capabilities in a handheld device would revolutionize the gaming industry.


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